Emotive, free-flowing and expressive, yet grounded and intimate
best describes Anelle’s artistic personality.


Anelle was born in 1983 on a farm near Middelburg, but it was in the vibrant and dynamic city of Johannesburg where she spent most of her youth.

In 2006 she graduated from the University of Stellenbosch with a degree in Visual Communication Design. As she pursued a career as a graphic designer, painting remained foremost on her mind. In 2013 she started the gradual process to become a full time artist.

After meeting her husband, Anelle relocated to a farm in Verkykerskop in the mountainous eastern Free State, which allowed her to return to a more focussed lifestyle. With beautiful surroundings to inspire her and very few distractions – usually accompanied by city living – Anelle leads a busy, yet fulfilling life, split between commercial work and painting.

Anelle’s broad influence in life is balance, which is highly evident in both her graphic design and her art. She enjoys breaking away from the precision of design to release her inner artistic character, which is bold, unconstrained and expressive.

Through her work, she focuses on capturing thought-provoking moods that convey a relatable state of being. Using subtle tones, executed with a contemporary flair, creates a delicate balance between her styles.

Charcoal and ink are always at home on her canvas and she’s constantly mixing and experimenting with various mediums.